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My editing motto is: “I suggest, you choose.” My aim is to help authors express themselves, in their own style, excellently, to reach their ideal audience. Are you a writer who wants to use non-standard punctuation or unusual spelling to enhance your meaning? I can work with you to to create a consistent style throughout your book or project. Is your writing not yet carrying your meaning to your readers? I have the enhanced listening skills of a life coach to understand what you want, and thirty years’ experience as a writer to help you bring your words into focus. I also coach writers to overcome blocks and grab the time to get their writing done.

Here are some people who like what I do:

“YOU ROCK THE HOUSE.” Susan Hyatt, author of <em>Get Your Lucky On</em>*

“First and foremost, we thank the delightful Anna Paradox for her careful and kind editing. Anna was most helpful in shaping the manuscript and keeping a keen eye not only on what we wrote, but also on what we did not write. Any editor can see the former, but not many see the latter. If you need a good editor, poker or otherwise, she is your huckleberry.” Matt Flynn, Sunny Mehta, and Ed Miller, authors of <em>Professional No-Limit Hold’em</em> and <em>Small Stakes No-Limit Hold’em</em>

“Seriously my book is way better thanks to you, so thanks again!” Eric Beck, author of <em>Poker Mindfulness</em>*

“She is the absolute nuts. I believe you will get way more than your money’s worth if you hire her, not just in the actual editing, but in what you’ll learn about writing just from seeing her edits.” Tommy Angelo, author of <em>Elements of Poker</em>

“That’s great, just what I needed at this time. I have always thought that a good editor understands their writers’ needs.” Adam Piggott, author of <em>On Changing Your Life </em>*

“Anna was extremely professional and very prompt. She let me know exactly what she would be doing and when she would be done, and then followed through. She not only made sure that my book had correct grammar, but worked with me to ensure that I would have a successful book. During the editing process she always presented options. Together we created the book that I wanted, while ensuring that the final product was of the highest quality possible. Anna’s professionalism and knowledge made the editing much easier than I was expecting, and was actually fun instead of stressful.” Dan Deppen, author of <em>Pot Limit Omaha/8 Revealed</em>

*These books are forthcoming.

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